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Moy Country Fair Dog Policy

We encourage you to take your dog(s), on a lead, into the Fair but if you do leave a dog in your car please note the following:

1. There is very little shade in our car parks and you use them at your own risk. We do not monitor or patrol them as a matter of course, to look for animals in distress or for any other issues.

2. If we receive a report of an animal in distress in a car we will try and investigate if we are given sufficient information to enable us to locate the vehicle.

3. If we find a dog or other animal which has been left in a car we will initially assess the position from outside the vehicle.

4. If we have concerns about the health and safety of the animal, and if time and availability permit, we will have the situation assessed by the Fair's vetinary assistant. We may make a public address announcement at the central Fair arena, for the vehicle owner to go to the committee tent or return to their vehicle immediately.

5. On the advice of the vet or, in the absence of the vet, if we reasonably assess that he animal is or is likely to become distressed or in danger from heat or lack of ventilation, we will attempt to open the vehicle. If necessary, we may break glass or use force to gain entry to the vehicle.

6. In these circumstances, any damage to your vehicle is your own responsibility and we will have no liability to you for any repairs to your vehicle or for medical attention for your animal.

Dogs left in cars can cause concern and distress not only for the dog, but also for us, other visitors to the Fair and you. Please take your dogs with you into the Fair!

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